A MVC content management framework based on CodeIgniter


- Multi-language admin and customer environments
- Multi-user admin environments with ability to set access level for each user, and also to create user groups and manage access level using user groups
- Default view files for different languages (Persian, and English) and different devices to support fast developing new modules - Visiting counter module
- Efficient log manager, which allows write and retrieve logs and also query them based on log type
- Posts and Categories modules, which creates a simple blogging system as default
- File Manager
- Each module can define a cron method, which is called by the cron job periodically






Customer Environment - Persian
Customer Environment - English

Admin Environment - Persian
Admin Environment - English
Username: badmin
Password: badmin

Please note that since it is a demo website,  you can't post in the admin environment.

For more details, ordering, or customization, please contact us.