Current Version: 0.51 (Feb. 2012)
Tested on Linux kernel 2.6.34



GSFS is an open source secure file system. It is novel:

1) New Structure for The Secure File System:

GSFS provides integrity and confidentiality of data. This file system enables information sharing for users by making inodes accessible for different users and also by enabling users to expand/shrink the access level in each point of tree structure of inodes.
GSFS uses "Crust"[1] key revocation method for effective user revocation and "Cryptographic Links" of "Cryptree"[2] to decrease the usage of time-consuming public key cryptography algorithm. It uses "Galois Counter Mode(GCM)"[3] to provide integrity and confidentiality services for regular secure inodes. GSFS uses root user public key to make file system integrated and employs users public key for confidentiality. In this way it differentiates confidentiality and integrity.

2) Implementation:

GSFS uses GPGPU for encryption and decryption. It is implemented as a Linux kernel module and in current version, it uses one OpenCL user level program to encrypt/decrypt data in parallel with CPU and GPU. We map kernel memory pages on this process virtual memory and after the completion of the work, we use the results in kernel.
For more information and details, see GSFS documentation.



You can download GSFS using:

or through command line:

git clone



Current Problems

1)Current context switch between kernel and user level.
2)Currently we have some problems with retreiving all allocated pages.


1)Our "rsa.c" file is adopted from PolarSSL package "" and we have only ported their work in to kernel mode for our usage.
2)Our "skein512.c" file is adopted from "".
3)"aes.c" is "Christophe Devine's implementation of AES" and we dont' use it. Instead we use kernel's aes, see cipher.c.



[1] Erel Geron and Avishai Wool. Crust: cryptographic remote untrusted storage without public keys. Int. J. Inf. Sec., 8(5):357–377, 2009.
[2] Dominik Grolimund, Luzius Meisser, Stefan Schmid, and Roger Wattenhofer. Cryptree: A folder tree structure for cryptographic file systems. In SRDS, pages 189–198, 2006.
[3]David A. McGrew and John Viega. The galois/counter mode of operation., 2005.



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